NOTLD Kyra Schon Signature Enamel Pin
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NOTLD Kyra Schon Signature Enamel Pin

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Every horror fan knows that what really makes a great film are the iconic moments. What would A Nightmare on Elm Street be without “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you…” Or without Johnny Depp turning into a blood fountain. Or without Freddy’s hat and pedo-sweater. Or without Robert Englund!?! I mean, what if Freddy were portrayed by someone who took it super seriously, like Jackie Earle Haley. That would be a disaster!

George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is one such classic. Who could forget the first zombie shambling through the graveyard and “they’re coming to get you, Barbara.” The film that defined what we consider to be the modern “zombie,” Night of the Living Dead is full of memorable ghouls. Of all of the shambling reanimated, one of the most popular is Karen Cooper (Kyra Schon), whose haunting gaze has landed her on many a poster and fanart albeit for the most part totally unauthorized. Diehard fans will ofcourse know that the photo in question was a personal family photo taken in between scenes and has been used with out permission thousands apon thousands of times. Since we here at BoD know how important it is to rep your fandom, we got together with Kyra to create these exclusive enamel pins. New art work based on the original design by artist Chas Balun and featuring Kyra’s signature and unforgettable look, these are collectors items worth of a fan’s love.

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