March 2016 Box of Dread
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March 2016 Box of Dread

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#YouAreNotAlone #AlwaysKeepFighting Bracelet

If you ask me this month the most important item in the box is the freebie gummy bracelet. Misha, Jared, and Jensen have all been involved with our friends at regularly and have launched several great t-shirt and hoodie designs promoting charities that support mental health awareness. Jared began the #AlwaysKeepFighting campaign benefiting To Write Love on Her Arms after announcing that he himself had struggled with depression over the years and had recently lost a close friend of his. The #YouAreNotAlone campaign began recently when Jensen and Misha started working with Creation Stands on the SPNFamily Crisis Support Network to help people struggling with depression.

I have wanted to help promote these campaigns from the first time I heard about them. I've written about them on Dread Central a couple times but when I heard that the SPNFamily Crisis Network was launching I knew this would be a great opportunity to help get the word out among our subscribers. Depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide claim far too many of our friends and loved ones but through awareness we can change that for the better more every day. I urge you guys to check these campaigns out and if you can share a couple of the links with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. You never know who may be fighting a battle every day and the smallest of things can sometimes make a huge difference.

Funko Dorbz Castiel ($9.99) Limited Edition Chase ($35.99)

This month we have a bit of love Supernatural's favorite feathered friend Castiel. The Dorbz line of Funko collectibles are a bit smaller and even more stylized than the Pop! figures. Some of our subscribers got the limited edition chase figure of Leviathan Castiel with a little black ooze leaking out which are going for about $35 on Amazon currently.

Supernatural Mystery Mini ($7.99)

These mystery mini's are some of my favorite vinyl collectibles. They have an awesome look to them and the variants are always cool. I love that the Dean figure has the Mark of Cain emblazoned on his right arm a real subtle touch. Anyone else think the Castiel mini figure looks like it has Dean's head on it?

Monstrous comics Source Point Press ($3.99)

This month we are also working with Source Point Press promoting their indie title Monstrous. Keep an eye out for their upcoming book with AriesScope on the new Holliston comic book. And be sure to check out their Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for more information about upcoming titles and announcements.

Devil's Trap Tattoo

Keep yourself safe with this anti-possession temporary tattoo while huntings things and saving people. I had to put one on the day they arrived at the warehouse. Sadly I don't have an Impala to cruise around in. Yet.

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