August 2016 Predator and The Book of Eibon #1
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August 2016 Predator and The Book of Eibon #1

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The Book of Eibon #1 by Eibon Press Box of Dread Exclusive ($7.99 value)
This is a project I am very proud to have the good fortune to be involved with. Shawn Lewis and Stephen Romano have pulled off something incredible with their line of Fulci Comics through their new publisher Eibon Press. The entire print run of Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE #1 sold out in mere hours. Rarely if ever have I seen comic books being printed on such premium paper stock. And their idea of packaging all their full issue books in a stylish record album type sleeve? Killer. The Book of Eibon is a collaboration between Dread Central and Eibon Press and only available here at Box of Dread. Inside it’s pages you will find sneak peaks at future issues of Eibon Press’ comics, concept art, commentary, interviews, and much more. These are already showing up online for $25 O_O.

Predator Plush Phunny by Kidrobot ($11.99)
We’ve had a lot of vinyl toys of late so we tried to mix it up a bit this month and went with these cool Predator and Dutch plushies. One of three options were randomly inserted into Alcolyte’s boxes this month, a masked Predator, unmasked Predator, or Dutch himself.

Murloc Keychain by Funko ($5.99)
Death will rise from the tide. You don’t have to be a fan of WarCraft to dig on the Lovecraftian steeped Murloc’s fishy design. World of Warcraft is littered with both Lovecraft and horror references for the keen eyed fan. These little guys are kind of like having a tiny deep one in your pocket. Just because something comes from a video game doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s roots in the genre hell you can play as a werewolf if you want to now.

Predator Mini-figs ($4)
Blind bag Predator mini figures by Diamond Select Toys. With mix and match pieces these guys can be disassembled and rebuilt into mutant hybrids. I have a couple Predator/Space marines on my desk from combining parts with their ALIENS mini figs. I keep a pile of parts on my desk and when I get bored I try to combine the weirdest parts into something new.

We found a bunch of stickers/static clings, trading cards, and buttons while unpacking the car after getting back from Scare LA. We packed these up for you guys as well randomly. The Plush Predators were pretty light in weight so we were able to throw in some more random goodies without going over weight this month. A lot of people have suggested we include a slip of paper or something explaining what’s in the boxes. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time but many months just that piece of paper would put the box over weight which in many cases doubles or triples the shipping cost. We always post what is in the box here on the site and on our Facebook page though for anyone one who is curious what they got.

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