Welcome to the New Box of Dread Site

Welcome to the New Box of Dread Site

Authored By Jon Condit
I've been hard at work this year improving Box of Dread across the board. Many of those changes can already be seen in the recent boxes. Box of Dread is still largely a one man operation but I have been spending a lot of time the last few months changing that and making various improvements based on your feedback.

I figured it was time to share the new site layout with you guys. It's not 100% done and finalized but it is a big step up from the site we launched with in 2013. That original site was only meant to be a placeholder while we finished a much more functional site but quickly I realized just packing and shipping the boxes was going to be an all consuming task as we rapidly grew each month.

Bare with me guys as I am sure certain pages of things around here may be a little rough around the edges. One major change is that you should now be able to manage your subscription and profile information right from the site. I am hoping that helps make things easier for you guys as well as reduces the amount of customer issues we receive for plan changes and address updates.


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